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Saturday, April 14, 2012


Well, I was back in my old workout room tonight. Out in the shop. If you used to watch my youtube channel when I used to do all of the workouts then you will recognize it. (

The link to the workout is here:

I managed to get in 2 1/2 rounds before the 10 minutes was up. 
It was dark out by the time I did this workout and I hauled Jim out there for the first round so he could take my pictures. After making me get down on all fours and "Rawwrr like a tiger for the camera" he finally got these following poor quality pictures. :) Sorry for the bad lighting and blurriness. :)

 Santana Pushups!
 3 Pike Plyo Tuck

 Crab Toe Touches
Low Jacks

I just want to thank everyone for the views and I hope you all are enjoying these workouts as much as I am. This Monday I will post my before pics along with my "after 2 weeks" pics. Pretty excited but a little nervous. EEK! Take care and good luck!


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