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Thursday, April 12, 2012

Challenge Results!

Want to see how I did on my challenge for today? In my earlier blog I listed my weaknesses and my challenge was to work on them today. So here is how I did:

  • I'm a procrastinator
Today I returned my library books (and paid a 25 cent overdue fee), filled out my tax forms (Yes, they are due the 17th. That's how much I procrastinate!), mailed a rebate that normally would have gotten mixed up with other papers and would be expired when it finally turned up, and vacuumed my car. 
  • I hate doing laundry (the pile down there is huge!)
I did one load... :( Better than nothing.
  • I drink way too much coffee
I only drank two cups today. Believe me, that is a huge improvement.
  • I let my past eat at me (ie. Failed marriage, having to put my kids in daycare for 2 years way back when (seriously, they're fine! Why can't I get over that?!), years of self injury, etc)
This is a process that will not get solved in a day, but I'm forgiving myself and because I'm religious, I'm hoping prayer will help too.
  • I don't warm up before my workouts
Ugh! I still didn't warm up today! Oops. FAIL.
  • I don't always stretch either (Gah!)
I stretched before and after my workout today! It felt really good. Don't know why I skip it actually!
  • I think sometimes I expect too much from my boyfriend...but not really. (Is it too much to ask for a little affection, to understand what I need and when I need it, to always let me win a fight and to tell me I'm always right?)  LOL
He actually solved this for me. I found out that one of my favorite authors is doing a book signing in my hometown and I was so excited. This is the type of thing I do on my own. I would never even think to invite Jim because he just normally wouldn't care. But he asked me what time it was because he would like to leave work at a decent time to go with me....WHAT?! Seriously...I think I love him again. And my two day silent treatment came to an abrupt halt.
  • I don't keep up on the garden
Too cold to work in the garden today so this is a work in progress. Once things start blooming I plan to weed it and rake it and plant some more pretty things. :)
  • I rely too much on technology and slack in things that matter in the real world.
I honestly think I need to take some tips from the Amish. They are hard workers and get SO much done because they don't have these "other" things to distract them. They don't even put cushions on their couches for fear of becoming lazy. So today I worked on it by yelling in my head "Get up you sluggard!" every time I felt like sitting down. 
  • I stopped making lesson plans and have just been going with the flow. I miss the structure though.
I meant to work on this today but the day is only so long. I have a lot planned for next week's theme so I plan on making out a lesson plan before the start of next week.
  • I can't get over my anger for someone who used to be close to me.
This is also a work in progress. Some days I don't care, then other days I hear something she had once said about me and it all comes back. I've done so much for her. Been there when no one else has. But that is forgotten when she feels she's been done wrong. Maybe just typing that helped a little.
  • There are two people I can't forgive though I know I need to to move on.
Huge work in progress. I did think about this quite a bit today though. I wondered why it is so hard with these two particular people. I'm actually pretty quick to forgive. I might get upset and then all of a sudden that person needs someone and I forgive and forget as if it never happened. And then I realized.. I'm having such a hard time forgiving the only two people who haven't asked for forgiveness. They've never said I'm sorry. How do you forgive someone who doesn't want to be forgiven?? I know the Christian way would be to put it in God's hands, and I look forward to the day when I can relieve myself of that judgement I have on these people and let God be the true judge. But I'm not there yet, so I checked out a book called The Road to Forgiveness. This book is about people who forgave for things much greater than what I've had to deal with so hopefully that will make it easier to forgive on my smaller level.
  • I don't eat breakfast which causes me to over eat later in the day.
Today I had three eggs and some wheat toast for breakfast and it did help! I ate normal sized meals the rest of the day!
  • I don't take constructive criticism well.
Work in progress. :D
  • I don't keep in touch well enough with the friends that really matter. (Facebook messages are not good enough!)
Again, good intentions but not enough time in the day. I'll keep you updated.
  • I snack too much at night.
Its 8:20...Haven't eaten since dinner! Yay!
  • I keep forgetting to buy dishwasher detergent. (Ok. That's a joke. But seriously. I'm getting sick of hand washing my dishes!)
Bought it! And the dishwasher is washing my dishes as I type this. ;)

Phew! So there it is. Some accomplished, some things still need work and will probably need work for a long time to come. But the road to get to that point is an adventure and I'm open to whatever life throws in front of me. Why? Because I know I can handle it. I can handle anything...Except resisting a plate of baked ziti shoved in front of my face. I'd have that thing scarfed down before you could say the words "look, your ass is getting bigger". Have a good night!


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