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Monday, April 2, 2012

New Start

Ok. So I deleted my other posts. I'm starting anew today. No excuses. I've been sick the past week with tightening in the chest and I was having trouble breathing without pain. This tightness went all the way up into my neck. I went to the ER as advised by my dr. when I called him. They did an EKG, Chest xray, and a crap load of labs. Nothing was wrong with my heart. Thank God. Heart disease runs in my family so it was a relief.

After two days of the same thing I called my Dr. again to get in. Turns out I have Costochondritis which is a super fancy way of saying I have inflammation of the joint between a rib and the sternum. Its pretty common but is painful and can be mistaken for a heart attack so I don't feel as stupid for going to the ER now. :) It can be caused by an injury or a cold or overuse of the chest. Since I had neither of the first two, I'm blaming it on the latter. I did a workout the night before that had a lot of push ups so I'm assuming I must have done something then. 

So I've been taking it easy. And today I start over. I want to work out as much as I possibly can. I don't want to skip more than 1 day in between workouts. I want to still be sore from my last one while I'm doing a new workout. That's the best way to do it. Its ok to give your muscles a rest but not too much of a rest. I was doing like one to two workouts a week and that is not enough!

Here's to starting over!

Beginning weight today: 150 lbs.
Goal weight: 134 lbs.
My height: 5'10

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