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Tuesday, April 10, 2012


My kids are at their dad's tonight so no pictures. :( Sorry! Pictures always make a blog post more fun! So I'll keep this short and sweet! I succeeded at my Warrior's Challenge! No sugar ALL day! The day's not quite over yet, but there is no way I'd ruin it now. I just got done with ZWOW #6 and it was brutal. My thighs were burning so bad! You had to do 10 Pulse Plyo Jumps, 8 Side Burpees and 6 Jump Lunge Kick Ups over and over until 10 minutes was up. I almost made it through 4 rounds in the 10 minutes. I just finished my 4th set of burpees when my timer beeped. So I finished the Jump Lunge Kick Ups anyway or I wouldn't have felt complete. Feeling good about my progress today. Off to go look up my challenge for tomorrow! Are you doing it with me?! Also looking forward to ZWOW #7!

Good luck!


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