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Tuesday, June 26, 2012

ZWOW #23

Holy Moly! This was a doozy of a workout! LOL! 100 Burpees?! I didn't have high hopes for this workout but I did it!! And in pretty decent time too! By the end of the second round of  Burpees, I was literally shaking! I really feel good today, though and am glad I pushed through it! 

Here is the link to the workout:

The workout was titled "Burpee Torture" and consisted of:
5 Yoga Burpees
5 Ab Splitters
50 Burpees!!!!!
100 Air Squats!!
2 Rounds for time.

I did 2 rounds in 25 minutes and 27 seconds!

Here are some pics:

Yoga Burpees (I took pictures step by step through this exercise):
 Downward Dog:
 Dive Bomber:
 Ab Splitters:


 Air Squats:

This was definitely a challenging workout but creates a huge sense of pride and accomplishment when you complete it! Good Luck!


Thursday, June 21, 2012

ZWOW #22

Good Morning!

I'm getting off track. I need to get with it! Just like everyone else in this country, we've been dealing with heat and extreme humidity! The heat index has been up to 100 degrees for the past couple of days. So, naturally the last thing I wanted to do was work out. I even felt like it might be dangerous. We do not have air conditioning, which has never been much of an issue. It cools down at night enough for us to open windows and turn on fans so that in the morning we can shut all of the windows and it stays cool in the house all day. But, lately, there has been no reprieve from the heat, even at night. So Jim broke down and got a portable air conditioner. It works pretty well and has at least kept it comfortable for the kids I watch. 

We've been, basically, going to the pool all week to cool off. I have a nice tan going but I am feeling yucky because I haven't been working out. It seems when I don't workout I slack on everything. I haven't written in my food journal and I've been eating crappy. So last night I worked out in the heat. It was windy though, which helped. I did ZWOW #22. The hardest part for me was keeping my balance while trying to keep my body straight during the RDL Squat Twitsts. 

Anyway, here is the link to the workout:

This workout was called On The Minute Burpees. There was a list of 5 different exercises but every minute you were to stop and do 4 burpees. Well, without someone there to yell out whenever a minute was up, like Zuzana had, it proved to be just about impossible. So I modified it. I did 4 Burpees in between each exercise including right at the beginning and right at the end.

The workout looked like this:
4 Burpees
30 Chair Jumps
4 Burpees
30 Chair Push Ups
4 Burpees
30 Tricep Dips
4 Burpees
30 Sumo Squat Jumps
4 Burpees
30 RDL Squat Twists
4 Burpees

I did the whole workout in 15 minutes and 29 seconds.

Here are some pics!


 Chair Jumps:
 Chair Push Ups:

 Tricep Dips (I had to modify this within the first 10 reps by bending my knees):

Sumo Squat Jump:

 RDL Squat Twist:

There you go! I will be doing a workout tonight for sure!! I also have my food journal out and ready as well as my water cup full and ready to go! Good luck and make it a great day!


Friday, June 15, 2012

ZWOW #21

Let me just start off by saying, I HATED THIS WORKOUT! LOL! Still love Zuzana, but this was so hard. To the point where I was just frustrated throughout the whole workout. Not good. I literally can not wait to do #22 to make up for the fail of a workout I did last night! 

I had such an issue with the handstands! I was able to do it but not every time. I just felt clumsy and was terrified of falling on my head. Also, I couldn't find a good place to do it. So I chose an outbuilding to do them against but after starting the workout I realized the ground was uneven which made the ninja jumps nearly impossible. Normally, I love ninja jumps. They make me feel bad ass! :) But I kept tripping up on my feet because of my location. I had already started the workout so I wasn't about to stop and find a new place. 

After the 3rd round I had 15 seconds left. I usually push out as much as I can in those last seconds. But this time I grabbed my timer, said Eff you to the 15 seconds and stomped into the house...
Yeah. Not good. 

So here is the link to the workout:

The workout consists of :
5 Burpee Handstands
5 Ninja Jumps
20 Squat side kicks

Like I said, I did 3 rounds. 
Here are some pathetic pictures. 

Burpee? No problem:

Handstand...really? (At least I was laughing at myself.):
 Horrible form! 
 Ok, better form:
 And this is the reality of how most of them actually looked. Very graceful:
 Ninja Jumps:

 Squat Side Kicks:

Done. With. This. Shit.

Better luck tonight! :) Take care everyone!


Tuesday, June 12, 2012

Back to internet life!

Well, hello there.

I was on a bit of a hiatus. Here's the deal. The poison ivy I told you about a couple entries ago? It wasn't poison ivy. In fact, the doctor is not sure what it is. That's right. It got so bad I went to the doctor. 

I was using a steroid cream that my daughter uses for her eczema on my rash...yes, on my ass. It wasn't working very well. Then, one day I just started to feel achy. It gradually got worse and worse throughout the day until I could barely move without pain. I kept thinking, I must be getting the flu because I was starting to feel nauseous too. That night, I was in so much pain, I couldn't move anything without it hurting. It was like a deep ache in all of my joints and muscles. Some people were saying it could be Shingles, which is basically the same virus as chicken pox, but in adults. I have actually had Shingles before and that was more of a nerve thing. It hurt to touch my skin. This was different. Finally, after waking up and only feeling a bit of relief, Jim told me to call the doctor because it sounded like Lyme Disease to him. 

The day I went into the doctor my whole body broke out into a red rash with hives. I was so uncomfortable and miserable. He said he did not know what it was but prescribed a 10 day cycle of Prednisone and ordered a Lyme Test. That night, I just felt "off" in general. No energy. Sick. Feverish. Since then, I have not had the achy joints again and the original rash seems to be getting better. But I still have the red rash on my stomach, chest and back. I also am feeling fatigued. I'm on my 6th day of Predinsone and I have not gotten the results back yet on my blood test. 

I backed out of the 10K and had myself a good cry fest because of it. My daughter still ran it but her dad took my place. :( 

So, needless to say, I have not worked out since my last post. This weekend was eventful and we had a great time, so I'm toughing it out tonight and hopefully doing ZWOW #21. Those handstands are scaring the crap out of me, but I'm determined. 

In other news, My mom and dad got married on Saturday...yes, you read that right. My parents got married 35 years divorced, got back together and are now married again. It was very informal but also very emotional. I'm so happy for them. Here are some pics from the wedding!

The wedding party! Me, My sisters, My mom and dad, My cousin, My sister's boyfriend, and Jim!

My sisters and I with our kids!

Jim and I and my girls. :)

The happy couple back together again!

The ceremony.

Love it!

Then on Sunday we went out to the bay and went Jet skiing and swimming all day. The girls had so much fun and I got a tad bit sunburned...ok. I look like a lobster, and let me tell you, scratching is not fun when you are sunburned. Damn rash. Anyway, there's a little update for anyone that was wondering. I'm still alive and kicking and am hoping to get right back into my routine. Even if it is still uncomfortable. Have a great day and I hope you all are enjoying your summer! 


Tuesday, June 5, 2012

ZWOW #20

Well, I skipped out on the food journal, but I did do ZWOW #20 tonight. I was so busy today I just never got around to writing down what I ate. :( So proud of myself though for getting out there and doing the latest workout even with poison ivy butt! ;)

Here is the link to the workout I did: 

This workout consisted of:
20 Side Jump Lunges
10 Forward/Backward Burpees
10/10 One Leg Dip Jump
10 Alt. Double Bridge
3 Rounds for time!

I did all 3 rounds in 12 minutes and 23 seconds! Woo hoo!! 
One gripe about this workout. I forgot to pull my hair back and didn't think of it until I started already. I didn't want to stop and go tie it back so I dealt with it. It was a pain in the ass!! I will never forget again!

Here are some pics!

Side Jump Lunges:
 Forward/Backward Burpees:

 One Leg Dip Jump
 Alt. Double Bridge

 Stupid friggin' hair:

I hope to workout again tomorrow but I will take a break on Friday because I don't want to be too sore on Saturday. Saturday I will be doing a 10K. I will not be giving it my all though because I am doing it with my 10 year old and 7 year old daughters. :) I'm sure we'll be walking most of it. But either way, its still 6.2 miles! Haha! Have a good night!

Oh yeah...I voted today...Big day in Wisconsin! I won't tell you who I voted for but it rhymes with Pot Stalker. It does not rhyme with Bomb Carrot. That is all. :) :)