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Friday, April 6, 2012

Gettin' My Dance On!

Well, last night I had planned to do ZWOW #4 but after a full day with a lot of kids (some schools had off on Thursday) I cooked supper for the girls and I let myself lay on the couch while they played XBox Kinect. There is a game called Dance Central. The girls were having so much fun. Basically its kind of like the Wii game, Just Dance, except with the XBox  YOU are the controller. There is a sensor that can keep track of your whole body. You have to move your legs and arms the same way they do on the game....So... I couldn't resist. 

I got up and danced my butt off to Lady Gaga, Pitbull, Soulja Boy, and the Rump Shaker!! Yes. The Rump Shaker is on there. My personal favorite though, Push It by Salt & Pepa. I used to love them in highschool!! LOL. Shoop, anyone?? 

Anyway, I worked up quite a sweat and was very satisfied with my day "off". I will start up again tonight. My work day is super busy today. 7, possibly 8, kids due to school being out and it ends around 5:30. So I'm hoping to get it in right after but I wanted to go to the Good Friday service at church which is at 7:00 so....I might be working out late tonight. I am ok with that though. Tomorrow's Saturday which means no packing lunches and worrying about getting to sleep at a decent time. :)

Have a great day!


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