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Thursday, April 12, 2012


Well, that went well. I am SO sore! But I worked hard. I went tanning today and I wore my workout clothes so that as soon as I got home I would not be tempted to get comfortable. I contemplated skipping my ZWOW and just going for a run on the trail in town, which would've been fine. But decided against it when I felt the evening breeze form automatic goose bumps on my arms. Little too cold for my liking. So I came home, where for some reason it felt warmer, and did ZWOW #8! Six rounds (yes, I said 6) of 4 different exercises. 10 reps each. I have to admit, the Side Plank Leg Lifts were killer and by the end I had to rest my leg on the ground rather than leave it extended to do the lifts. But nothing wrong with a little modification if needed. :) I did this workout in 20 minutes and 3 seconds. Dang! I was hellbent on doing it in less than 20! Oh well. Next time. :D
Here is the link to the workout I did:

And here are some pictures of me doing the exercises! 

 Forward/Backward Jump Squats

 Dragon Lunge Back (and Peyton making fun of me in the background. haha!)

 Toe Touch Jump Ups

Side Plank Leg Lifts (Too funny, Peyton.)

Good luck!


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