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Friday, April 20, 2012

ZWOW #13

Holy Tabata! 

That's what this system is called. Basically its 4 different exercises.You have to do 8 rounds of each exercise. 20 seconds work hard, 10 seconds rest. Here are my numbers:

Alt. Leg Balance Burn:
11  11  11  12  11  11  10  11
Bunny Hop:
18  17  12  10  10  11  9  11
Weighted Leg Lift (8lbs.)
8  8  8  7  8  7  7  8
Broad Jump Death Burpee
4  3  3  3  3  2  3  3

I actually beat Zuzana on some of these!! Woo hoo!!!!

I don't have pictures today because I was the only one home when I worked out. :( But I was able to do it outside today. It was cold but I warmed up pretty quick with these exercises. The Bunny Hop was killer on my thighs and the Leg Lifts killed my abs! I was excited to do an ab exercise because I've noticed a lot of Zuzana's workouts have been concentrating mostly on lower body lately. That is fine with me because that is my biggest problem area. But this felt really good! :) 

Oh, and in case you read my post before this, I skipped the nap. :D Yay! I will make sure I get some rest tonight though for sure!!

Since I don't have any pictures to put up, here is one of my beautiful daughter, Peyton, sleeping and looking like an angel. Seriously...a literal angel. Dang, I have beautiful kids. :)

Take care!


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