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Tuesday, August 21, 2012

ZWOW #28

I toughed it out! 

Even though my legs were sore I did ZWOW 28 last night. It is titled Body Weight Bombshell. Holy Moly! The Jump Lunges and Pike Jumps killed me! But not enough to keep me from running a mile afterwards!! That's right. I had so much energy I just kept right on going. LOL! 

Basically, I planned on mowing the grass after my workout, but the belt broke on the lawn mower because I started it with the deck all the way down. Oops. One thing I love about mowing the grass is listening to my iPod. I was so pumped to just zone out for awhile and listen to my tunes! So, when I realized I wasn't going to be able to do that, and I was still wearing my workout duds, I just took off! I was only able to run a mile before my legs were so worn out I had to stop. :) 

Here is the link to the workout I did:

This workout consisted of :
10/10 Dragon Kicks
20 Alt. Jump Lunges
15 Pike Jumps
10 Reptile Pushups
As many rounds as possible in 10 minutes

I managed to do 2 1/4 rounds. I was really hoping to get at least 3 rounds in but, obviously, that didn't happen. I still feel really good about how I did and my food journal was really good! I'll post that later. For now, here are pictures from last night's workout:

Dragon Kicks:

Alt. Jump Lunges (Holy booty butt!!!! LOL!):

Pike Jumps (really need to get rid of those love handles..damn):
Reptile Push Ups:

This was definitely an intense workout! We'll see if I'm able to do another Zwow tonight. My legs are killing me!! I can't even squat down today. LOL. 

I also want to thank everybody for following and reading this blog. It means a lot to me! I met a viewer on My Fitness Pal today and it was so neat! So, if you're capable of downloading the app look me up!! Pbmommypl.

Have a great day!


Monday, August 20, 2012

ZWOW #27 and Food Journal (8-19-12)

Good morning!

I did ZWOW 27 last night and my butt and thighs are so sore today!! They hurt right where I need work so that is a good thing! :) I didn't take pictures of this workout for you because it was getting dark and it was wet and rainy outside. It was a pretty simple workout but very intense! 

Here is the link to the workout I did titled "No Girly Workouts":

This workout had a "buy in" again. We had to do overhead squats for 3 minutes before we could start the workout. I used a 10 lb weight to hold straight over my head while I did my squats. At about the 2 minute mark I thought my arms were going to fall off! The squats got really tough to do towards the end too so I didn't squat down as low. Either way, I managed to do 59 squats in 3 minutes.

The rest of the workout was only 10 minutes of walking lunges with weights, but each time a minute was up you had to do 3 Burpees. I started the lunges with 20 lb. weights in each hand like Zuzana, but quickly realized that was  way to heavy for me, so I dropped it down to 10 lbs in each hand. I was sweating like crazy by the end but was glad I did it! 

I also did a really good job on my diet yesterday! 
Here is my food journal:

8 oz. Coffee w/half n half and 1 Splenda
(oops. no food. not good.)
Total calories=22

Turkey sandwich on Rye w/ 3 slices of tomatoes and light mayo
1 serving of Wheatables (17 crackers)
1 cup of  low fat cottage cheese
1 banana
Total calories=592

2 Orange Roughy Fillets w/ Mrs dash seasoning and olive oil
2 slices of  rye bread w/margarine
1 Pear
Total calories=471

1 cup of raw cherries
1 serving of pretzels
1 serving of Special K Multi-grain crackers
1 Fiber One bar
Total calories=394

I burned 115 calories with 13 minutes of circuit training (Zwow). 

Total calorie goal=1480
Total calorie intake minus what I burned with exercise=1364

I also consumed 9 cups of water (based on 8oz. cups).

I hope you all have a great day! 


Sunday, August 19, 2012

Food Journal (8-17-12 & 8-18-12)

Good evening!

I am still going strong with tracking my calories on the My Fitness Pal app. I have not weighed myself since Friday morning because, well, this weekend has been a bit of a fail. LOL. I've learned that eating out is so hard! Not just because there are not a lot of healthy choices, but I also consider eating out a treat. The last thing I want to get is a salad. I look for the most delicious thing I can find and I don't even hesitate to order it. I have fabulous self control, I know. 

So Friday night we had dinner with some friends at my absolute favorite restaurant. I tracked all of my calories but found myself going way over by dinner time. I ate as little as I could just to prepare myself for a great meal out, and I still went over!! Here is my journal for Friday:

8 oz. Cup of coffee w/ 1 Splenda
Maple Brown Sugar Quaker Instant oatmeal make w/ skim milk
Total calories=107

Turkey on wheat bread w/ honey dijon mustard
1 Fiber One bar
Total calories=440

Cajun Shrimp Pasta 
(I don't know exactly how many calories but I compared it to the Applebees Cajun Shrimp.)
Total calories=About 1210

1 Serving of Special K Multi-grain crackers (24 crackers)
Total calories=120

Total calorie intake: 1877
Total calorie goal: 1480 

:( FAIL! I also had some carrot cake after dinner. I didn't even add it. I was too depressed. Haha. 

I managed to consume 24 oz. of water.

So yesterday (Saturday) we went to Door County. We ate out every meal and even though we worked off some of those calories by going on a short hike, it was not even worth trying to figure out how many calories we consumed that day. 

So that brings me to today (Sunday). Things went very well today. I am, so far, under my calorie goal and hope to still get a ZWOW in. I'll update you tomorrow on how I did. I'll also weigh myself in the morning... I wanted to invite you all to join me on My Fitness Pal app. Its easier to lose weight with friends! So download the app and become my friend! :) Find me at Pbmommypl. Have a great night!


Friday, August 17, 2012

Food Journal (8-16-12)

Holy Moly! I lost 2 lbs. :) I followed along with "My Fitness Pal" app again yesterday and here is my food diary for the day:

Maple and Brown Sugar Quaker Instant Oatmeal w/ Skim Milk
16 oz. coffee w/ Vanilla soy milk and 2 Splendas
Total Calories=193

Turkey sandwich on Wheat w/ honey dijon mustard
1 Serving of Wheatables (17 crackers)
1 Cup of Low Fat cottage cheese
1 Cherry Cobbler Yoplait Light
Total Calories=715

1 Serving of Kraft Macaroni and Cheese
Total Calories=400

2 Cups of raw cherries

Calorie goal: 1480
Total calorie intake: 1428

Starting weight: 149 lbs.
Goal weight: 134 lbs.
Current weight: 147 lbs.
My height: 5'11"

I did not exercise last night. I was plagued with a migraine and yucky tummy so I skipped it. But, I still managed to stay under my calorie goal!!

Have a great day!


Thursday, August 16, 2012

Food Journal (8-15-12)


Well, I broke down and decided to count my calories. I hate doing that! I figured if I eat well and exercise it shouldn't matter. But, after my little freak out yesterday I figured its time. I downloaded the "My Fitness Pal" app onto my iPhone. With my height and weight I am allowed 1480 calories a day. Its actually a really neat app and is really easy to use. You can even scan the bar code of what you ate and it will automatically enter it for you. You just adjust how many servings you had. 

You can also log your exercise. Of course, I have to improvise because they don't have Zwow's in their archives. LOL. They need to get on that ASAP! I just said I did 10 minutes of Circuit training. It said I burned 90 Calories but I'm assuming I burned more than that considering the intensity of a Zwow, but I'll just keep logging it as circuit training, unless you all have suggestions! 

So here is my diary for yesterday.

Fruit and Maple Oatmeal from McDonald's
16 oz. coffee w/ original Coffee Mate creamer and 2 Splendas
Total=305 calories

Turkey sandwich on Wheat w/Honey Dijon mustard
1 serving of Special K Multi-grain crackers
1 cup of Low fat cottage cheese
1 Banana
Total=670 calories

Boneless, skinless Amish Farms Chicken Tenders w/ Mrs. Dash seasoning
Roasted veggies (Tomatoes, Squash, Green bell peppers)
Sweet potatoes
Total=304 calories

1 Cinnamon Roll Yoplait Light yogurt

1 1/2 cups grapes

Fiber One bar (Chocolate)

Burned 90 calories

Goal calories: 1480
Total calorie intake (minus calories burned): 1472
Goal weight: 134 lbs.
Today's weight: 149 lbs.
My height: 5'10''

Have a great day! 


Wednesday, August 15, 2012

ZWOW #26

I did it!!!

I stuck to it and did tonight's workout. ZWOW #26, which was titled: This is Sweat, was a 10 minute interval workout. Do as many reps of the exercise as you can in 30 seconds and move on to the next exercise. I set my Gymboss timer for 10 minutes with a 5 second break in between the 30 second intervals just so I had enough time to write down my reps. 

Here is the link to the workout I did:

This workout consisted of the following exercises and you had to do 2 rounds of each (I'm also posting how many I was able to do in 30 seconds for round 1 and 2):
Plank w/Leg Lift and Jump Up (Left side) - 4, 4
Side Crunch (Left side) - 18, 17
Plank w/Leg Lift and Jump Up (Right side) - 4, 4
Side Crunch (Right side) - 18, 17
Side to Side Squat - 14, 15
Side to Side Push Up - 7, 6
Knee Hugs - 14, 14
Elbow Plank - (held pose for 30 seconds)
Bike Press - 11, 10
Plank Jump - 20, 17

Here are some pics!

Plank w/Leg Lift and Jump Up:

Side Crunch:
Side to Side Squat:
Side to Side Push Ups:

HI MILO!! :)
Knee hugs:

Elbow Plank:
Bike Press:

Plank Jump:

So there you have it! I downloaded "My Fitness Pal" onto my iPhone. It says that I can have 1480 Calories a day. I'll post my food journal and stats next! :) Have a great night!

Go WarriorZ!!!



Hey everyone! I have completely fallen off track. I have still been eating decent but not writing it down and definitely not working out. 
Its time for change!
Whoo!! Hoo!!! Ordered it the day the website opened! :)

I recently got my hair cut...short!! With cute little colored disconnections! I love it!

On that note, I've also made a huge change in my career path. I have been running my own in home daycare for 4 years now and I have decided to move on and pursue my dream of going to Cosmetology school. I've been accepted at Paul Mitchell The School and my start date is September 17th! I am so excited. I've been doing in home daycare to be home with my kids. Before my divorce, I was a stay at home mom. Now, my kids are 8 and 10. They don't need me at home like they used to. I'm very excited and so are my girls! :)

So two big changes in my life! One of them, completely life changing! So I have decided today, after spotting cellulite on my inner thighs, to get my ass in gear again! I have never had cellulite on my inner thighs! Outer; yes. Butt; yes. But inner thighs?! Why, God, why? 

I have not gained or lost any weight, really. Just sitting at 149 lbs. and hating it. It is time to kick start a diet and get back into doing daily workouts like I was doing. Why did I ever stop?! Grr. So tonight I am doing ZWOW #26! I've eaten healthy so far today but I need to do more. Eating healthy isn't doing it for me. I think I need to actually look into counting calories. Ugh. I'm downloading the "My Fitness Pal" App right now and taking charge of my body. 

When I look at my body, I'm certainly not back to my before pics but I've reverted a little bit. I'm ready to get healthy again! 

Are ya with me?! :)

Have a great night! I'll talk to you later...soon...with my results for tonight's workout.


Friday, August 3, 2012

Food Journal (8-1-12)

Quick blog just to show you what I ate on Wednesday!

1 Bowl of Maple Brown Sugar Quaker oatmeal w/ skim milk
1 Cup of coffee w/1 cream and 1 Splenda

Turkey sandwich on whole wheat bread and Sweet & Spicy Mustard
A handful of grapes
Chocolate Chip Frappe from McDonald's. :( Oh, the temptation got to me.

6 Inch turkey sub on flat bread from Subway; lettuce, tomatoes, green peppers, cucumbers, black olives, light mayo and salt&pepper.

I only managed to drink 1 1/2  24 oz. cups of water.

Busy day! Had a late dinner but, all and all, did pretty good!

Yesterday's journal coming up!


ZWOW #25

This workout was titled "Butt Push". Sounds like exactly what I need! :) In this workout, Zuzana decided to try something new. We had to "buy" our way into this one. Not with money. That would be so easy. We had to buy in by doing 30 Burpees. Awesome. Did you sense the sarcasm there? 

No problem! I did it! I finished the whole workout in 16 minutes and 3 Seconds. I'm pretty happy with that considering I've been slacking. I will say, I was absolutely dripping with sweat by the end and I had to sit down in my shower because I felt a little whoosy and sick. Haha! I may have overdone it a bit. :)

Here is the link to the workout I did!

This workout consisted of:
30 Competition Burpees
20 Plyofly
15 Squat Overhead Press
10 Lateral Jump Touch
5 Ab Splitters
3 Rounds (excluding the burpees) for time!

Here are some bad quality pics for you. Sorry it was getting dark so they turned out blurry. :)

Competition Burpees:


 Squat Overhead Presses:
 Lateral Jump Touches:
 Ab Splitters:

Stay tuned for the next couple of  food journals!

Have a great day!


Thursday, August 2, 2012

Food Journal (7-31-12)

Hey guys and gals!

Just updating you on my food journals for the last couple of days. Here is what I ate on Tuesday. I also did a ZWOW on Tuesday, so I will do that post after this one! :)

1 Bowl of cinnamon and spice oatmeal w/light soy milk
1 1/2 cups of coffee w/ 1 cream and 1 Splenda

1 Serving of Special K multi-grain crackers (24 crackers)
1 Cup of  low fat cottage cheese

1 Turkey Burger on a wheat bun w/ yellow mustard
1 Cup of cottage cheese
1/2 Cup of applesauce
Green Beans (cooked, from my garden)

1 Cup of Cinnamon Stick tea

1 Serving of Multi-grain tortilla chips (12 chips) w/ mild salsa

Some chex mix (didn't count how much. Oops. lol.)
2 spoonfuls of baked beans
(haha! I had made dinner for the girls and couldn't help myself. I waited until later to eat my own, healthy, dinner with Jim when he got home from work)

Wild Lake Whitefish seasoned w/ Mrs. Dash
Cooked squash and zuchinni
1 Reduced fat croissant 

I also downed 3 full 24 oz. cups of water!

Stay tuned for my workout and yesterday's food journal! :)