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Tuesday, April 10, 2012

Zuzana's Challenge For Warriors

Yep...That's my coffee this morning...a tiny bit of skim milk. No sugar. No artificial sweeteners. I'm taking Zuzana's challenge. I missed it yesterday so I am doing both yesterday and today's challenges together. I'm happy to say, I already finished today's challenge!! 15 Pistol squats on both legs. Check! Done. Now its on to no sugar all day. :( I am determined to do this. We can have fruit but in moderation. And I will also be sure to get in ZWOW #7 in today. Yesterday concentrated a lot on the upper body. This one is more for the lower body. My calves and thighs are already burning from the pistol squats! Talk to you this evening after I sweat some more!

You can check out both challenge videos here
Good luck!


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