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Monday, April 23, 2012

ZWOW #14

Well, hello.
I have to say, there were about 4 different times I thought I was going to give up during this particular work out. But I stuck it out! 

10 Push Press
10 Thrusters
10 Back Curl Lunges
10 Preacher Curls
10 Weighted Lunge Jumps
10 Broad Jump Burpees
5 Rounds for time!
I used 8 lb. weights and was able to do 5 rounds in 22 minutes and 18 seconds! Here is the link to the workout I did:

And here are some pics!

Push Press:
Back Curl Lunge:

Weighted Jump Lunge (uh-oh. I need to work on form. That knee is too far forward. That should be a 90 degree angle.):

This is better form:

Broad Jump Burpee:

So there it is. Notice there is no picture of the Preacher Curls. I promise I did them...but the picture showed a bit more than I wanted to show. LOL!!! Take care everyone and good luck!


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