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Saturday, April 14, 2012

Day Off, Date Night, Gardening

So I allowed myself the day off yesterday. I had kids all day and then afterwards I was headed into town to meet one of my favorite authors, Beverly Lewis, at a book signing she had to promote her new book. I was so excited to meet her! She turned out to be SO sweet! Jim met me there so he could be the camera person and he knew it meant a lot to me, so I thought that was very sweet that he showed interest in something he, really, couldn't care less about, just for me. :) Awww.. Here's the picture!
Then we went out to eat and to a movie, 21 Jump Street. It was hilarious! Highly recommend it! :) So today, I still plan on doing the next ZWOW but I do have to say, so far I've had a pretty productive day. I lazed around for a little bit this morning but all afternoon Jim and I have been doing yard work. I really wanted to get our gardens looking really nice this year since they have always been overgrown since I moved in here. Here is some of the progress:
 Weeding, raking and more weeding.

 Pulling weeds.
 Still a lot of work left for tomorrow. Can't wait for everything to start blooming though!
 Mischa was certainly happy to be outside.
 Milo, looking handsome as ever!
And even the guinea pig, Pumpkin, got to play in the grass!

See you soon with the next ZWOW!


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