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Wednesday, April 4, 2012


Did ZWOW #2 yesterday. Here is the link:

My time was 18 minutes and 23 seconds! I did forget one thing though. During the manmakers you are supposed to lift both arms with the weights in the plank position. Instead I did the push up, the burpee and raised the weights above my head. That little portion I accidentally skipped probably cut some time off of what my normal time would be. But that is ok. It was still an intense workout and I am so sore today! LOL. I have the kids this week but I am bound and determined to keep working out as often as possible. I've been doing it right after dinner. This also helps me not to eat a lot at dinner time because then I'll feel sick working out. Its a win win.

And Peyton even took some pictures of me while I did yesterday's workout. Here they are!

Its so nice to be able to work out outside. The weather is perfect for it. Not too hot, not too cold. :) 
Good luck!

Love, Lori

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