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Tuesday, April 17, 2012

ZWOW #11

Hope everyone had a good day!

Mine was alright. I didn't do very good with my diet today so I made sure I didn't miss my workout since yesterday I did. I can NOT miss two days in a row. So tonight was a late one but I still got it in. And I'm so proud of myself! It was so cold and windy outside tonight, so I worked out in the shop again. 

ZWOW #11 consisted of 10 Mule kicks, 10 Sumo push ups and 20 Side jump lunges. Then you had to see how many rounds you could do in 10 minutes. I did 5 rounds. My timer beeped right before I did the last set of Side jump lunges, but I did them anyway. :D The Mule kicks were killer and I had to get on my knees by the 3rd round for the Sumo push ups. Here is the link to the work out:  

And here are some pics of the exercises!

 Mule Kicks!!!

 Sumo Push Ups!

Side Jump Lunges!

My goal is to watch my diet tomorrow.
Have a great day everyone!


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