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Sunday, May 13, 2012

Food Journal (5-12-12)

We were on the go yesterday. We are celebrating Mother's Day all weekend! :) We decided to go to a park off of Lake Michigan. We went on a nature hike and made up a list of things to find for our nature hunt. We also had a Subway picnic. :) It was so much fun! 

 So here is what I ate!

2 Cups coffee w/vanilla soy milk
1 Bowl of Total Raisin Bran w/soy milk

6 inch Turkey sub on flat bread w/lettuce, green peppers, tomatoes, cucumbers, black olives, light mayo, salt and pepper (Subway)
1 Serving of Chex Mix
1 Fiber One bar
1 Naked brand blueberry smoothie drink

1/3 of flat bread sub (haha. This was what was left over of Peyton's sub. I was starving at this point so I scarfed it down in the car. I was not happy with myself. LOL)

(Super late dinner!)
1 Pork Steak w/A1 steak sauce
1 Corn on the cob
2 servings of fresh, cooked green beans
1 serving of mixed fruit (Grapes, banana, black berries)

1/2 Cup of Low fat cottage cheese (Gah! Up late and huge craving. I suck.)

So not the best diet but I was very active so hopefully that made up for it. We did the hike and I did ZWOW #17 when I got home. Anyway, like I always say, today is a brand new day to do a better job! Take care! Happy Mother's Day!


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