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Tuesday, May 8, 2012

Beating My Personal Best ZWOW #6

Good morning,

Productive day yesterday! Holy Moly! After the daycare kids got picked up I did my workout, mowed our lawn (3 acres), and made a delicious baked cod and veggie dinner. Jim was quite impressed. :) 
Here is the link to the workout I did:

It consisted of :
10 Pulse Plyo Jumps
8 Side Burpees (SO much harder than regular burpees!)
6 Jump Lunge Kick Ups

Then see how many rounds you can do in 10 minutes. 

Last time I almost did 4 rounds. It was 4 rounds minus the Jump Lunge Kicks. This time I was able to do 4 whole rounds with 12 seconds to spare! Yay!

I took pictures but they all turned out blurry. :( Sorry! 

Have a fantastic day! Thanks for checking out my blog!


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