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Saturday, May 5, 2012

Beating My Personal Best ZWOW #5


I'm a little late writing this blog post. I did this workout on Thursday. I did it at night again. Sorry! No pics! But I did post pics the first time I did this. I'm happy to say, I beat my time. Only by a tiny bit but I still did it! 

Last time I did this workout, I did exactly 4 rounds in 10 minutes. This time I did 4 rounds and 5 reps of the first exercise. Haha. Its still better than the first time! If you want to see the workout I'm talking about here's the link:  

Last night I did not workout because I had my daughters an extra night. Their dad was out of town. So we made a special girl's night out of it! They ate ice cream. I ate a Fiber One bar. :) 

And we played Apples To Apples Disney version! 

Jim even got in on it! 

I'm excited to do the new ZWOW today. Zuzana put it out yesterday. I hope to get some running in today too since it is beautiful outside! Talk to you soon!


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