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Monday, May 28, 2012

Beating My Personal Best ZWOW #11

Hello everyone!

So sorry I've been slacking on my blog posts. I was out of town for two weekends in a row and the weekdays have been crazy! This week is going to be even more crazy because Presley starts her dance rehearsals! But I'll try my best!

Anyway, I just wanted to update you on the last couple of workouts I did. I mentioned in my last blog entry that I did ZWOW #10. I did beat my personal best but I don't remember by how much and I didn't take pics. LOL. This is how busy I was!

So that brings us to ZWOW #11. I did this on Tuesday evening last week. Here is the link to the workout:

This workout consisted of:
10 Mule Kicks
10 Sumo Push Ups
20 Side Jump Lunges
As many rounds as you can in 10 minutes.

I did 4 full rounds and I had just finished my 5th round of Mule Kicks when my timer went off. The last time I did this, I got through 4 full rounds and was finishing my 5th round of Sumo Push Ups. So I did not beat my time BUT this time I was able to do all rounds of push ups without going onto my knees. Last time I had to go onto my knees by the 3rd round. So that easily could have taken more time. 

Here are some pics!

Mule Kicks:

 Sumo Push Ups:

 Side Jump Lunges (laughing because my dog was trying to get my attention. lol.):
 And I just had to include this next picture catching me doing a very awkward, off kilter Mule Kick. Whoops! Makes me laugh every time I look at it! LOL!!

I hope you all had a great Memorial Day! 


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