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Tuesday, May 8, 2012

Beating My Personal Best ZWOW #7

Good evening!

ZWOW #7. I think I might have overdone it a bit. During the 3rd round of jump ropes I suddenly got light headed. Gah! So I took a 10 second break to catch my breath and clear my head. 

Here is the link to the workout:

This workout consisted of:
10 Jump Lunge Side Kicks
10 Super Girl Push Ups
2 minutes of Jump Rope
10 Side Bends w/weight on each side

3 rounds for time.

I finished it in 17 minutes and 58 seconds using 20 lb weights for the side bends. Last time I did it in 19 minutes and only used 8 lb. weights to do the side bends! I'm happy with that!

It started raining during my workout so you'll see that the last exercise pic was taken inside the shop. :)

Jump Lunge Side Kicks:

 Super Girl Push Ups:
 Jump Rope (these pictures always turn out horrible. LOL!):
 Side Bends (after getting rained on):

I got a request today to post what I write in my food journal so, in order to not make this post incredibly long, I'm going to make another post tonight before I go to bed! Stay tuned! :)
Take care!


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