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Saturday, May 12, 2012

Food Journal (5-11-12)

Good morning!

Yesterday I ate good, but we had a really busy evening so my dinner was quick which, in turn, made me hungry when we got back home. :( So I snacked at night. I was STARVING! LOL. Anyway, here's what I ate.

1 Tall skinny Vanilla Latte (Starbucks)
1 Egg white and spinach wrap (Starbucks)

1 Wheat bagel (toasted) w/ slice of Habanero Jack cheese and tomato slice
1 1/2 Cups of low fat cottage cheese
12 Black berries

16 oz. Coffee w/ 1 cream and 1 sugar

1 Serving of whole wheat spaghetti w/ground turkey marinara sauce

1 Bowl Total cereal
10 Special K Cracker Chips (Sea salt)

I also drank 3 full 24 oz. cups of water.

I did not have time to do the new ZWOW, so I look forward to doing that tonight. We are celebrating Mother's Day weekend by heading out to a Park on a Bay off of Lake Michigan. They've got a great playground! It also has a beach even though its a bit too cold to swim. :) The part I'm really looking forward to are the nature trails. The girls and I made up a nature hunt list of things to find on our hike! Should be fun! I hope you all have a great day!


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