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Monday, August 20, 2012

ZWOW #27 and Food Journal (8-19-12)

Good morning!

I did ZWOW 27 last night and my butt and thighs are so sore today!! They hurt right where I need work so that is a good thing! :) I didn't take pictures of this workout for you because it was getting dark and it was wet and rainy outside. It was a pretty simple workout but very intense! 

Here is the link to the workout I did titled "No Girly Workouts":

This workout had a "buy in" again. We had to do overhead squats for 3 minutes before we could start the workout. I used a 10 lb weight to hold straight over my head while I did my squats. At about the 2 minute mark I thought my arms were going to fall off! The squats got really tough to do towards the end too so I didn't squat down as low. Either way, I managed to do 59 squats in 3 minutes.

The rest of the workout was only 10 minutes of walking lunges with weights, but each time a minute was up you had to do 3 Burpees. I started the lunges with 20 lb. weights in each hand like Zuzana, but quickly realized that was  way to heavy for me, so I dropped it down to 10 lbs in each hand. I was sweating like crazy by the end but was glad I did it! 

I also did a really good job on my diet yesterday! 
Here is my food journal:

8 oz. Coffee w/half n half and 1 Splenda
(oops. no food. not good.)
Total calories=22

Turkey sandwich on Rye w/ 3 slices of tomatoes and light mayo
1 serving of Wheatables (17 crackers)
1 cup of  low fat cottage cheese
1 banana
Total calories=592

2 Orange Roughy Fillets w/ Mrs dash seasoning and olive oil
2 slices of  rye bread w/margarine
1 Pear
Total calories=471

1 cup of raw cherries
1 serving of pretzels
1 serving of Special K Multi-grain crackers
1 Fiber One bar
Total calories=394

I burned 115 calories with 13 minutes of circuit training (Zwow). 

Total calorie goal=1480
Total calorie intake minus what I burned with exercise=1364

I also consumed 9 cups of water (based on 8oz. cups).

I hope you all have a great day! 


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