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Thursday, August 2, 2012

Food Journal (7-31-12)

Hey guys and gals!

Just updating you on my food journals for the last couple of days. Here is what I ate on Tuesday. I also did a ZWOW on Tuesday, so I will do that post after this one! :)

1 Bowl of cinnamon and spice oatmeal w/light soy milk
1 1/2 cups of coffee w/ 1 cream and 1 Splenda

1 Serving of Special K multi-grain crackers (24 crackers)
1 Cup of  low fat cottage cheese

1 Turkey Burger on a wheat bun w/ yellow mustard
1 Cup of cottage cheese
1/2 Cup of applesauce
Green Beans (cooked, from my garden)

1 Cup of Cinnamon Stick tea

1 Serving of Multi-grain tortilla chips (12 chips) w/ mild salsa

Some chex mix (didn't count how much. Oops. lol.)
2 spoonfuls of baked beans
(haha! I had made dinner for the girls and couldn't help myself. I waited until later to eat my own, healthy, dinner with Jim when he got home from work)

Wild Lake Whitefish seasoned w/ Mrs. Dash
Cooked squash and zuchinni
1 Reduced fat croissant 

I also downed 3 full 24 oz. cups of water!

Stay tuned for my workout and yesterday's food journal! :)


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