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Thursday, April 10, 2014

Spring is Here! Time To Detox!

Well, hello there.
Long time no see. 
I have my typical, "I've been busy" excuse, of course, but unfortunately, I've used and abused that excuse with myself for too long. All winter, I told myself to get up and work out.. And did I? Nope. I had about one good week. Seriously. That's awful. Everybody comes up with their own excuses, so here's mine. I HATE working out in the winter! 

We have a very private piece of land, as you've seen in the pictures. There is nothing better, in my eyes, than working out outside. I love being outside! It gets me energized. It keeps me motivated. I love to jog outdoors. I hate treadmills! Its just not the same. Sure, I could workout out inside but we live in a log home with hardwood floors and as you've seen, ZWOW's include a lot of jumping. When I jump in my house it sounds like the whole house is going to fall down. And it might. It will definitely do a number on the supports in our house, so the most likely place to workout inside is the basement. The stinky, musty, crowded, dirty basement. No thanks.

I could go to the gym, but I'm cheap. I like a free workout. Not to mention, I live in the middle of nowhere so a gym is not exactly convenient.

So, there it is. My excuse list. Its lame. Its pathetic. But it got me through the winter. And now its Spring. Although the weather is still cold, I have been seeing more and more of why taking a few months off due to inconvenience is not a good idea. Yep. The cellulite is back. That alone is enough to get my ass back in gear. But as of January 1, 2014 I've been eating cleaner, healthier foods. I've been taking care of what goes into my body and what goes on my body topically. Working at a spa will do that to you, I guess. :) 

January 1st I started my first cleanse. I felt amazing afterwards. I continued eating great, up until recently. I'm still eating decent but I've been getting sweet cravings again. And a burrito looks like heaven. Sure, once in awhile is fine. But I crave them! And even when, I'm not hungry, I want to eat. So I've decided, its time to cleanse again! Its all about Spring cleaning. All the dirty muck from the winter is washed away with the sun and rain of springtime. And that is what I need to do with my body. Flush out the clogging nastiness and live a cleansing lifestyle instead. 

I use M'lis Detox for my cleansing.

I'm a certified Wellness Consultant and also certified in Body Contour Wraps through the same company. It is an amazing, all over wellness company whose products we sell at the spa. Supplements, skincare, body contouring. Its AH-mazing! 

So here I am. new motivation. Sitting here and taking the time to write on this blog. Vlogging it for my youtube channel (link to come).  And just getting excited to add exercise to my already changing lifestyle. 

I hope you'll come along with me.


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