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Monday, April 21, 2014

ZGym Butt Lift Series #3

Yoga! I LOVED this workout! But, it was a little too easy. So I added 100 crunches and 10 Push ups. Although, my butt and legs are my problem areas, I feel like my other muscles are getting deprived. So it felt good to add the little bits of ab and arm work too. 

This workout consisted of a lot of yoga poses and lunges. I did it right along with Zuzka. Only one picture today, but its a good one.

You see, Jim has been building a room in the basement for the past few months and this has given me a space to workout comfortably. He decided to make it a workout/theater room by adding some easy chairs and a huge screen with projector. Here is the pic he took of me working out with Zuzka yesterday.

Love it!! The chairs have bluetooth hooked up to them so I can listen to my music the whole time! The surround sound speakers are a huge plus too! ;) I hope you all had a great workout and a happy Easter! 


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