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Monday, April 28, 2014

ZWOW 101 and ZShred 32!

Hey guys! I'm a little behind on posting workouts but I'm still keeping up with doing them, so I am going to combine the last 2 workouts in this post. :)

ZWOW 101 consisted of :
10 Backward/Forward Lunges each leg
20 Side Crunches (5 at a time and switching to other side)
20 Side Jump Lunges
20 Reverse Plank Knee Tucks
20 Second V-Hold

4 Rounds for time.
I completed 4 rounds in 20 minutes and 11 seconds!

I loved the Reverse Plank Knee Tucks and the V-Hold! They were hard but such an awesome exercise to strengthen your core!

Here are some pics from the workout!

Forward/Backward Lunges:

Side Crunches:

Side Jump Lunges:

Reverse Plank Knee Tucks:

20 Second V-Hold:

Get up there! haha!

I do not have pictures from Zshred 32 but the workout consisted of:

1 Minute Jump Rope (High Knees)
15 1-Leg Kettleball Deadlifts each leg
1 Minute Jump Rope (High Knees)
20 Sit Ups/Kettleball
1 Minute Jump Rope (High Knees)
10 Touch Kettleball Push Ups

2 Rounds for time. 

I did 2 rounds in 17 minutes and 16 seconds! (I couldn't find my jump rope so I just did high knees in place.)

I have to tell you all that I am feeling great. I can already see and feel a difference in my muscles. My legs especially! I'm actually excited to take my post 2 week pictures...Coming up soon! We'll see. Thanks everyone, for following along! Have fun and good luck!


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