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Friday, July 5, 2013

ZWOW #32 Show Me Your Strength

Good morning! 

I did this workout the same day I posted the last two posts. 

Yesterday, although I wasn't planning for it to be this way, I took the day off. Basically, I just had a really bad day.  I thought maybe going for a jog would ease my mind but I have a really hard time coming down when things get rough and jogging seemed laughable. I may have mentioned this before. I definitely have on my youtube channel, but I was diagnosed with Bi Polar disorder and have had issues with cutting for years. Although it is rare for me to self injure these days, it is still a strong urge that takes over me and nothing seems to bring me down but that. I'm proud to say I did not hurt myself yesterday but working out was the last thing on my mind. 

Anywho. :) Today should be a better day. If you follow me on MyFitnessPal you'll see that my diet was ridiculous yesterday. LOL. But I still finished under my calorie goal. 

Here is the link to the workout I did.
Show Me Your Strength!

So, ZWOW 32 consisted of:

60 Side Hops
10 Chair Dips
10 Broad Jumps
5 Thrusters
10 Russian Twists

3 Rounds for time.

I managed to finish in 11 minutes and 3 seconds. I started the Thrusters with 20 lb. weights but quickly switched to 10 lbs. instead. 20 lbs. was way too hard for me. After the workout Zuzana suggested running a mile which I would have done, but I had to get going to celebrate my daughter's 9th birthday at her dad's new house. Such is life. :) Maybe I'll run the mile today. We'll see. Here are some pics of the exercises!

Side Hops:

Chair Dips:

Broad Jumps:


Russian Twists:

There you have it! I'm getting ready to bust out Zwow #33 next! Take Care and good luck!


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