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Wednesday, July 3, 2013

My Life... (Lots of pictures!!)

I last posted in March and I wanted to catch you all up on my life since then. :)

As most of you know, I am going to Paul Mitchell The School to earn my Cosmetology license. 

As of now, my graduation date is set for the beginning of November, depending on if I miss any hours or make up any hours. :) Although it keeps me busy, I have a ton of fun with my Paul Mitchell girls!

 Jilly Bean and Brooke

 Brooke and I

 Brooke, Mindy and I

 Jill and I!



My girls, Tara and Mindy

 Jilly Bean


 Dang, Brooke, we take a lot of pictures together! :)

 All Paul Mitchell girls except my sister. :) She crashed our party. lol.

 Classy bitches that we are.

 Tara and I

 Brooke and I...again. :)

 A bunch of us going on a field trip! ;)

 PJ and I!

 Love my Jilly Bean!


 Mindy, Tara, Me, Jill, Brooke and PJ

 Brooke, Tara and Me....grabbing Tara's junk. 

 Jill and Tara

This picture cracks me up!

Ok. So that was a bit of picture overload but I seriously love these girls! They make school so much fun! 

Back to updates; I got a job at a high end day spa in my area!!! Right now I am the Spa Assistant and will soon be training to be a Service Desk Coordinator! I can't express how excited I am! This pretty much guarantees me a job after I get my license. I absolutely love it there! 

Jim and I also took the girls on a trip to Florida the first week of May!
 First time flying for the girls and I

 We arrived in Orlando!

 Fun in the ocean!

 Swimming with the Manatees!

 Our resort

 Thoroughly enjoying the resort. :)

 The girls and I

Peyton shopping!


 At Animal Kingdom

 In front of the Tree of Life

Us. :)

 Silly faces!

 Jim, the girls and I

On our way back home.

We also bought 2 new kittens. 

 This is Cheez It.

 The girls adore him!

 And so do I. :)

He's starting to get big!

 And then came along this little guy. :)

 His name is Spoons and he has extra toes on his front paws! 

 I love him.

Friends...kind of. They are still getting used to each other. 

I was busy for awhile with Presley's dance recital which she did amazing at!


 Yay, Presley!!

And we have been jet skiing and camping whenever we have the time...which hasn't been often enough. 

 Jim with his new jet ski. I think he likes it.


So that about brings us up to speed! I hope you enjoyed!!

I just checked the zuzkalight website and noticed that her workouts cost money now. :( So I will mainly stick with the free ones. There are 70 so that should be fine. I think her site is worth the money but I am trying my best to save right now. I have a wedding, school loans and my board certification all coming up. We are cutting out spending as much as we can. 

Thanks for taking the time to read! 


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