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Tuesday, January 1, 2013

A New Year, A New Beginning

Well, hey guys and gals! Guess what my New Year's Resolution is! 

I have been so busy but I'm so ready to sit down and schedule time to work out again. I feel out of shape and my jeans aren't fitting right. Ack! So its time to get back into it. I haven't been completely lazy, of course.  :) I am going to Cosmetology school full time now, working part time and juggling family time too. But I need to follow my own advice and tell myself you have 15 minutes a day. These workouts are not long. Intense, but short. So today, being a day off, is leaving me with no excuses to not get my butt out there! 

I am trying to find a good spot to do my workouts. As I paged through my blog posts here, I loved the fact that I was able to do them outside. Well, its January in Wisconsin so I need to come up with another solution. I could go old school and work out in the shop like I used to. Remember my videos on my xercisingmommy youtube channel? :) It just seems the lighting is horrible everywhere I go! Nothing beats natural lighting. And I don't like posting blogs without pictures. That's boring and the pictures help me (and you!) see results and progress! One thing I also noticed in my last posts was how freakin' tan I was! lol. I can definitely say that is no longer. Oh well.

So with that said I'm going to leave you with pictures of some of the things I've been up to and I'll talk to you soon with my results of ZWOW #29! Lets do this!

The girls on the first day of school. New third and fifth graders!

I met this guy at a political rally!

Started working in retail and decided it wasn't for me. Nice boots, though.

Started school!

Started a waitress job and hated it. (I have a new job now that I love)

Met platform artist for Paul Mitchell, Kelly Cardenas!

Did some hair for homecoming!

Met the very inspirational Sister Bonnie, founder of Haircuts From the Heart!

Cut my daughters' hair! Presley and Peyton!

Halloween happened.

There was that election thing.

I cut some more hair.

Happy Thanksgiving!

Merry Christmas!

Cut my mom's hair!

Yet again, cut some hair...

Rang in the new year with a bowling tournament!!! We lost. 

Hope you enjoyed!!

Take care and Happy New Year!


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