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Thursday, January 3, 2013

Zwow 30!


I had a full day of school today, came home, ate dinner and did Zwow #30!! Tonight was a "beat your best" workout. Basically, Zuzana went all the way back to the very first Zwow and tried to beat her time. Since I took quite a hiatus I was considering skipping this and moving on to the next workout, but then I thought, "hey, why not". I do remember doing this workout in the past and every time I do it I think that it is probably the hardest one she has! But, I broke out my WarriorZ shirt and got to work anyway! And, I DID beat my old time!! 

This work out consisted of:
10 Divebombers
5 Burpees
40 Alt. Squat Leg Lifts
5 Burpees
10/10 Side Plank Lifts
5 Burpees
10/10 Pistol Squats
5 Burpees

3 Rounds for time.
Last time it took me 26 minutes and 45 seconds. Today it took me 24 minutes and 24 seconds!! Woot! I will tell you though that I am not strong enough to do regular divebombers throughout the whole thing. I quickly switched from full on to only going about half way down and eventually switched to doing them on my knees. The Burpees were killer especially after 10 Divebombers. Ouch! My arms! I also modify the pistol squats by not going down as far as Zuzana. I go down as far as I can, but nowhere near Zuzka!! :) She's superwoman. 

Anyway, I worked out in the basement today in what used to be the playroom, so sorry for the drab decor and (ew) dirty floor. LOL. And, again, the lighting sucks. But its the best I can do until the weather gets warmer and I can start doing these outside! 

Here are some pics!



Squat Leg Lift:

Side Plank Lifts:

Pistol Squats:

So there you go! I'll see you tomorrow with Zwow #31! Take care!


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