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Thursday, July 12, 2012

Z Challenge!

Good day!

I braved the mosquitoes again last night and push through the Z Challenge Zuzana posted on her youtube channel. 

Here is the link to this workout:

The workout consisted of:
3 Low Jacks, 1 Pike Press, 1 Jump Up
This was considered 1 set. The challenge was to do 50 sets as fast as you can. 

I did 50 sets in 7 minutes 56 seconds. I'm not really impressed with my time but around the 25 mark my arches in my feet started cramping up. It was painful and I had to keep taking quick rests to "shake it off" and start again. I think that added to my time. 

I have flat feet so I wear arch supports in my running shoes. I sometimes wonder if they are too high up on the inner part of my foot because they seem to cramp up every time I have to do Jacks. When I go running they don't hurt but I get blisters at the highest point of my arch support. No matter how thick my athletic socks are! It drives me crazy. I'm considering taking my arch supports out...I got them from my chiropractor so I will probably consult with him first. It was just very frustrating to try and keep good form when all I could concentrate on was how bad my feet hurt.

It was getting dark by the time I did the workout so no pictures this time. :( I hope everyone has a fantastic day!


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