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Thursday, July 19, 2012

Food Journal (7-18-12) and some exercising!

Good morning! 
I am drinking my morning coffee as I write this and being sure to write it down in my journal! The day before yesterday, I didn't write in it and I ate horribly. I think because I didn't have to feel bad about writing it down, so yesterday I got back on the ball! 

Here is what I ate yesterday:

16 oz. Chai Cappuccino 
(I skipped food for breakfast! Bad!!)

Turkey sandwich on whole wheat bread with Sweet and Spicy mustard
1 serving of whole grain tortilla chips

1 Serving of Wheat Thins (15 crackers)
1 Cup of low fat cottage cheese

1 Corn on the cob
Whole grain tortilla chips w/ mild salsa
(Not a very good dinner, but nothing looked good to me)

Whole wheat toast
(This is becoming a problem. I get hungry at this time. Maybe I should just go to bed sooner!)

So there it is. Not the best, but there's always today to eat better! 

As far as exercise, I did not workout because once the daycare kids got picked up I had to mow the grass. We have a huge yard so that takes up quite a chunk of time. Then I had to run to the dump before it closed. After that, Peyton brought me into the woods to show me the awesome fort she built. We could hear our neighbor flying his Ultra light plane around so the girls jumped on their bikes and I ran along side them to catch up and watch him land. :) I actually ended up running for a my flip flops. 

Hopefully, tonight I'll get a ZWOW in!

Take care!


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