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Tuesday, June 26, 2012

ZWOW #23

Holy Moly! This was a doozy of a workout! LOL! 100 Burpees?! I didn't have high hopes for this workout but I did it!! And in pretty decent time too! By the end of the second round of  Burpees, I was literally shaking! I really feel good today, though and am glad I pushed through it! 

Here is the link to the workout:

The workout was titled "Burpee Torture" and consisted of:
5 Yoga Burpees
5 Ab Splitters
50 Burpees!!!!!
100 Air Squats!!
2 Rounds for time.

I did 2 rounds in 25 minutes and 27 seconds!

Here are some pics:

Yoga Burpees (I took pictures step by step through this exercise):
 Downward Dog:
 Dive Bomber:
 Ab Splitters:


 Air Squats:

This was definitely a challenging workout but creates a huge sense of pride and accomplishment when you complete it! Good Luck!



  1. Great job! I did this one last Saturday! My brain started immediately thinking - you can't do 100 burpees, that's too hard... But I shut it out and just started.. and, I did it!

    My time was 33:13!

    1. Awesome! I felt the same way. Like I wouldn't be able to do it. But after watching the video I got motivated! :) Great job! Thanks for sharing!