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Tuesday, June 5, 2012


Good morning!

I was very excited to do ZWOW #20 (and still am) but my legs were so sore from the previous workouts that I decided to give myself a break for a day...Then, the poison ivy I apparently came into contact with during Memorial Day weekend reared its ugly head. 

So here's the deal. I went camping two weekends ago. Had to pee really bad. Instead of walking a ways to the outhouse I decided to go in the woods behind our tent. The one place I decided to squat just happened to be right on a poison ivy plant. That's right. I've got poison ivy on my ass. It is not fun. At all. The thought of working out and sweating makes me cringe. I'm so sad because I want to work out. I need to work out. But I don't think my butt could handle it. 

Thankfully, its not the kind of rash that has blisters. Just red and raised bumps like hives. Its pretty miserable. Let me tell you, it is not attractive to scratch your ass. I'm dreading this Saturday. I'm running a 10K. Really?! How am I going to pull this off. it takes 1-3 weeks for poison ivy to go away!!!! This is going to be miserable. 

On a happier note, I started doing my food journals again. I will post today's journal either tonight or tomorrow! Take care everyone!

Here's a pic of my daughters and I on our camping trip...This was before the poison ivy squat. Haha!


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