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Tuesday, June 5, 2012

ZWOW #20

Well, I skipped out on the food journal, but I did do ZWOW #20 tonight. I was so busy today I just never got around to writing down what I ate. :( So proud of myself though for getting out there and doing the latest workout even with poison ivy butt! ;)

Here is the link to the workout I did: 

This workout consisted of:
20 Side Jump Lunges
10 Forward/Backward Burpees
10/10 One Leg Dip Jump
10 Alt. Double Bridge
3 Rounds for time!

I did all 3 rounds in 12 minutes and 23 seconds! Woo hoo!! 
One gripe about this workout. I forgot to pull my hair back and didn't think of it until I started already. I didn't want to stop and go tie it back so I dealt with it. It was a pain in the ass!! I will never forget again!

Here are some pics!

Side Jump Lunges:
 Forward/Backward Burpees:

 One Leg Dip Jump
 Alt. Double Bridge

 Stupid friggin' hair:

I hope to workout again tomorrow but I will take a break on Friday because I don't want to be too sore on Saturday. Saturday I will be doing a 10K. I will not be giving it my all though because I am doing it with my 10 year old and 7 year old daughters. :) I'm sure we'll be walking most of it. But either way, its still 6.2 miles! Haha! Have a good night!

Oh yeah...I voted today...Big day in Wisconsin! I won't tell you who I voted for but it rhymes with Pot Stalker. It does not rhyme with Bomb Carrot. That is all. :) :)


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