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Monday, May 5, 2014

ZGym Lifted Butt Series 8 and 9!

I got a little off track last week due to a crazy work schedule. So today I did the Lifted Butt Series 8 and 9. 

After doing #8 I was still super energetic so I brought up #9 and got right to it. By the end of the Yoga workout in #9, I was dying. My legs and booty were burning!! Great workouts though and I'm feeling so much better now that I got to work out again. 

Lifted Butt Series 8 consisted of :
10 Curtsy Lunge Knee Ups (Each Leg)
20 Elevated Hip Thrusts
10 Kick Over Chair and Back Lunges (Each Leg)
30 Crab Toe Touches

12 Minutes-As Many Reps As Possible!

I did 3 Full rounds! Yep. I beat Zuzka. ;)

Lifted Butt Series #9 was Yoga so I followed right along with her. The stationary lunges were killer but the Modified Pigeon Stretches at the end felt awesome!

Today was really exciting at work because I did my first Wellness Consultation on a guest and got her on a 30 Candida program. Really excited to see someone get on a healthier track! Can't wait to see where this takes her!

Good luck and have a great night! :)


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